Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Go, Spurs, Go!

Ned and I love the spurs. Correction: I love the Spurs; Ned is obsessed with them. He can tell you anything about any player. I am not quite as well versed. When we first started dating, I made some flash cards to help memorize important trivia, so I would fit in more when we watched games with his family, or discussed the latest trade, but I memorized the wrong facts. Appearently, Tim Duncan's favorite movie, Se7en, and his favorite flavor of ice cream, gold metal ribbon, do not count as real basketball trivia. In any case I have to admit Ned is a better fan than I am. I really try to watch the game from start to finish, but invariably, this happens.
I blame most of it on a combination of my A.D.D. and the games lasting for three and a half hours. Great shot of my nostrals, isn't it?

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Mechelle said...

You are so sweet to try! Good for you. Love the photos. Thanks for sharing. Mechelle PS Happy Valentines day.