Friday, February 22, 2008

When Mommy's away, the froggies will play!

I watched Lori's kids on Monday, and Ned had a delivery in the area, so he stopped in just long enough to teach them how to play leap frog and steal a coke.

Too bad Avery didn't have as good of a time!
This was the best one I could get of her. Appearently apple sauce and formula do not taste nearly as good when they come from Aunt Rachie.

Her face looks a little squished, doesn't it? Nothing I did, I swear, but even screaming her lungs out, she's a cutie!!


Kathi and Ryan said...

Ah, what a good aunt and uncle you guys are!

Mechelle said...

Looks like almost everyone had a good time. Avery is so cute and I did not think she looked squished. You are the best. M

julie said...

A heart of gold! When are you two and Amy going to come over? Let me know what you have open Sunday wise?