Friday, August 13, 2010

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quick trip to Colorado

Jack got to meet his cousin Simon.  They are only 2 months apart.
Are they eating carots or playing the flute? Must be some kind of secret baby game.
Playing on the trampoline in his birthday suit
Jamming with his Daddy and his uncle Ross

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ooo, what's this- a box?!
Still interested in the box, not the pile of rip-able, chewable paper next to it...
Still the box...
There's toys?  Do they fit in the box?
He's still playing with that box.  (He also loves the toys.  Thanks, mom and dad!)

Jack has a girlfriend:

It's the Kohl's Summer's HOTTEST Sale model with a smudge on her mouth.
Seriously, he has been playing with this ad for almost a week.  I know what you're thinking- "What kind of mom lets her baby play with trash?" but I prefer to look at it as a free toy.
Yes, he is giving her kisses.  Maybe that's where the smudge on her mouth came from.

Cuddly Cousins

We have: Simon- 10 months, Austin- 11 months, Dex- 6 months, and Jack- 8 months!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sh-sh-sh-shake it!

I watched Kaylene's kids last week and they decided to work out with me doing my new Zumba dvds.  I have more video, but youtube will not allow me to upload them.  It's a shame.. they're real gems!

It's pretty shakey, but keeping a steady hand is almost impossible while holding a baby who wants nothing more than to eat the camera!

4th of July

We camped out to see the Stadium of Fire fireworks show with Kaylene this year.
Jack snuck into the cantelope.
It was actually kind of cold and we had to cuddle up in blankets.  The one wrapped around Jack is my first creation with my new sewing machine.
Jack was fast asleep before the fireworks began.  Maybe he will get to see some on Pioneer Day.

Our baby is 8 months old!

Jack is learning to clap and loves to wave.
He has 4 teeth: the bottom middle two, and the outside top two.  Just in time for the new Twilight movie!
 He loves to ride around in the laundry baskets...
...and blow bubbles at his mom...
...and of course play with all his cousins!

I just think that he is funny!

Not necessarily cute or attractive in these pictures, but definitely funny!

Nana & Grandpa: Jack has something to say to you!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

We're in!!!

Ned just found out he's been accepted to Utah State University's human resources graduate program!  It starts next January and goes every Friday and Saturday for two years- then we're finnished and everyone has to call him Master Ned!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Seven months

3 teeth - super cuddley - uses anything he can reach to help him stand up!

Who says Jack doesn't look like his daddy?

I know everyone thinks Jack looks more like me but maybe these pictures can persuade you:

The first is courtesy of Lori and the second is from our trip last week.  Pretty similar right?

Our first family vacation!

23.5 hours in the car with a teething six month old. Whew!
We went to Washington to visit Jack's Grandma and Grandpa-Great, my aunt and uncle, and Steve and Jessica.  We had so much fun, and Jack got to see something new everyday (which is great for a baby who gets bored so easily!)
First we went to see my Grandparents in Spokane.  We took Jack on lots of walks to go see the horses:
This baby was only about 12 hours old!
We visited the botanical gardens:
and went swimming:
and had a picnic lunch:
We also went to my Auntie Helene and Uncle Tony's for dinner. Jack got to meet his cousin Noah and my cousin Heather:
Then we drove to the east side of Washington to visit Steve and Jessica in Battleground:
We for a hike by the lake:
Everything was SOOO green!
Also, Steve was dying for a mini-makeover, so we obliged. 
Steve when we arrived:
...and Steve when we left:
He actually got called to be the young men's president and decided to trim up for it.
And finally time to go home again.  We always left in the middle of the night so the baby would sleep as much of the trip as possible, and this was our view as we were leaving- the sun rising over the Columbia River!