Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ned always complains that I take forever to get out of car, but it takes me a little while to get all of my things together and organized before I'm ready. In my defence, I usually carry a lot more around than he does, including a big tote, one or more textbooks, and at least 1 litter of water. Well, this morning I arrived at work and was listening to the end of some country song while I got my books together and wolfed down the rest of my breakfast. I wasn't really paying attention, and all of a sudden this man came up and tried to get inside the driver side door. He just about sat on me! At first he looked a little confused about what I was doing in his car and then he quickly appologized for accidentally getting into mine. I told the story to my friend at lunch, and she was kind of shocked and asked if I was scared and so on. It didn't even occur to me that he could be trying to steal my car or something like that. I guess it's a combination of living in Utah and working at an elementary school. (Who would try to pull something like that with a ton of kids around?)

Later tonight, I was in class, half taking notes, half drawing pictures, when I noticed the guy behind me was totally leaning over my shoulder and watching my every move. I felt so violated! It made me really uncomfortable, and I wanted to say something to him. Of course, I didn't, and I'm sure I was overreacting. It's not like I had anything to hide in my notes, but it really upset me. How come I don't even flinch at a possible car-jacker, but this guy peeking at my notes gets under my skin so much?

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Mechelle said...

Hi Rachel,
I am glad you are safe. That is scary, someone copying your notes! Just kidding. There are times when I have not been scared until after the event and think back on how I was in danger. And there are other times that little things get to me. Crazy Felsted blood I guess. Thanks for leaving a comment on Kallie's blog. She was so excited. Mechelle