Saturday, December 27, 2008

Oh, the weather outside is frightful....

We totally got dumped on this week. This picture was after our first storm.

We didn't have anywhere to park so we had to shovel the street too.

This is the view from one of our bedroom windows:After shoveling for 2 hours: Ned says that this is God's way of slapping Al Gore around a little. It's snowing like crazy and the price of gas is down to $1.30 a gallon.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Freaky Friday

I had the weirdest day on Friday- not a bad day, just weird. It started out with my work Christmas party. This isn't just a little party with my coworkers; it's all of Wasatch Mental Health- probably over a thousand people. I only know 20 at the most. Not a really fun party. It's actually more like a big meeting with lunch. Well, they called me up in front of everyone for my five years of service award. Since I've only worked there three years I didn't budge, expecting there to be another Rachel Chamberlain. (We have 2 just within our family!) Apparently its actually not that common of a name. They were all confused, I was shouting from my seat that it wasn't me, it was a huge mess... So later I was picking out a couple white elephant gifts at Wal*Mart when all of the electricity went out. Not a little flicker, but a full minute in total darkness before the lights came back on. Strange. The weather was clear and everyone was kind of giggling in the darkness. When they finally came back on, I got in line and put all of my items on the conveyor belt. The lady in front of me turned around and started going through all of my stuff. She picked up the game I was buying and read the directions, asked me what a gift of Ned's was for (I can't go into detail, because he does occasionally read this), and she picked up the personal massager and tried it out on herself. Really strange. It didn't bother me too much, but what if I had been buying something embarrassing like ky jelly? Would she have asked me what I was planning to do with it? Later that night Ned and I were trying to figure out where to eat dinner. Seriously, we had driven to 5 different places trying to decide when Ned took a wrong turn and almost ran over his mom in the target parking lot. So she just jumped in and we all had dinner together. What are the chances? Overall, it was a good day, just kind of odd.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Jazz articles

One of Ned's co-workers gave him this article in preparation for the Spurs-Jazz game:

Utah Jazz Hope For A New Tradition in Texas
Break the San Antonio Curse

SALT LAKE CITY (November 21, 2008) -The Jazz are out in San Antonio tonight looking for one of those special games; not only looking for the team to translate their home play into a quality road win, but to win in San Antonio for the first time in 10-years- and this may be the game to do it. The Spurs are dealing with a boatload of injuries just as the Jazz are, the biggest difference however is in the records. The Spurs (5-6) are just 2-4 at home, one of their slowest starts in some time, while the Jazz (8-4) are 2-4 on the road thus far.

Ned returned the favor with this newsworthy tidbit:

Jazz Hope Not to be Embarrassed in Texas

SALT LAKE CITY (November 21, 2008)- The Jazz are once again in San Antonio, hoping to not wet themselves during the game. The game will be considered a success if at least three of the starting five do not run away crying. Last year, Kirilenko stayed strong until the sight of Tim Duncan driving into the lane caused him to soil himself uncontrollably. Andre refused to comment, as him mother sent him to bed because he was cranky.