Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Weekend Get-away (It's kind of a novel- you don't have to read)

Ned and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary last weekend. Originally we planned to go camping in St. George or Moab, but we couldn't find any reservations, so we just decided to do something closer to home. Friday night we went into the canyon and cooked our dinner over a campfire. We didn't have an ax, so we (Ned) thought it would be fine to just use a spackling scrapper thing and a rubber mallet to split the fire wood. It was interesting... Saturday we had breakfast with Rolyne, then went to go see the (not so) world famous Salt Lake Bees. We bought our tickets off a scalper, and the Bees ended it in an exciting 10th inning victory! The people watching was fantastic, even if the players' baseball skills weren't. After the game, we went to trolly square, but it was kind of wierd to us, and I kept picturing a gunman coming around the corner, so we scrapped it and went to the Gateway for a great dinner and shopping. (We bought an ax.) We also saw Baby Mama, which I totally recomend-- it was hillarious!!

The next day we went to the park and played a little baseball. When we got tired of that, we went up to Salt Lake to Liberty park and tossed the football around a little bit. Liberty park is also appearently a gathering place for hippies and gypsies. The place was full of boothes selling tie-dyed items with marajana leaves on them, Middle Eastern massage sessions, and pole dancing lessons. There was even a "space ship" that made funny noises and preached the horrors of non-renewable resources. We listened to a little of the live music, but decided to leave when I smelled pot for the first time. That night we stayed at the Anniversary Inn in the Jungle Safari room. It was so fun! The shower came out of an elephant trunk, and there was a huge crocodile that greeted you at the door. Ned climbed all the trees. Monday we did some more shopping and had lunch at the Myan. It was so hard to go back to work after all that!

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