Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The drug test from you know where

Today at work I sprained my ankle really badly. We all heard a big pop, so they took me in for x-rays to make sure nothing was broken. It turns out there was no break *thank goodness*, and I just got a brace and crutches. Since it was a worker's comp claim I had to take a drug test. Drug tests are no fun for girls anyway, but this was the worst one I have ever tried to do. The bathroom was significantly smaller than my closet, in fact, it was about as wide as our broom closet. So I got stuffed in there along with a set of crutches and tried to manuver everything so I wouldn't make a mess. All the while there was a man gaurding the door listening for me so I was having to perform under pressure. The upside was I got a 3 hour break from work!


Poston Kingdom said...

Did this happen to Ned or Rachel?


Kathi and Ryan said...

Rachel--I'm sorry you hurt your ankle. That sucks! And crutches are the worst. Here's to not having to pee all over yourself anytime in the near future.