Monday, April 21, 2008

The birds and the bees during Sharing Time!

Yesterday while I was out visiting teaching (my favorite thing), Ned got a call that we were in charge of sharing time in just a few short hours. We kind of freaked out. In order to involve the kids, we decided to have them say a few of the comandments our current prophets have given us. Little Chase is only 5 years old, and he doesn't speak very clearly yet, so when I whispered in his ear, "The prophet asks us," he repeated what sounded like, "The prophet has sex." Repeat it out loud a few times-- you'll understand how the mistake could be made. For some reason I figured if I said it slower, he would say it more clearly. This was not the case. After he said it about 5 times, and I couldn't stop my embarassed laughter, Ned finally took the mike away from me and had the kid say anouther line like any sane adult would have done the first time while I collapsed behind the podium. Not my proudest moment!

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Kathi and Ryan said...

The prophet does have sex, that's very intuitive of such a young child :-) ewwwwwwww...

Got to love those dang primary presidency people who call you at the last minute to "remind" you that it's your turn for sharing time. Yeah, in my ward, I'm that irresponsible person. I apologize for all of us in Mormondom.