Saturday, March 29, 2008

So I am going to start working 40 hrs a week starting Monday, and I am really excited. I love my job, and the extra hours are going to be really great. The only thing is I am going to be so much busier! It's going to leave a lot less time for things like cleaning my house before my mom comes this weekend.

On a separate and mostly unrelated note, I just found a little Asian market with Ned tonight. I was able to find masaman curry paste, tahini, tamari, and my favorite Chinese sausage. I am so excited not to have to go to SLC for that kind of stuff!! (I say this is a mostly unrelated note because I will probably take my mom there this weekend.)


Mechelle said...

Yum, where did you find this market? Where did you gain your love for this type of food? Sounds sosososo good but not everyone has the talent of getting out of the hotdogs and hamburgers routine. Good for you. Have a good time with your mom. Love Auntie M

Amy said...

I'm excited for chinese markets and so is mom! she told me about this before I even read it on your blog. You'll have to take me shopping there when I have an apartment of my own in the fall. See you friday. love, amy

Rachel said...

You can probably walk there from your apartment. It's called chao's, and it's on University Ave. I can't remember how far north, maybe around the 300 or 400 North area. Definatly doable. It's really tiny, though. Mostly non-parashables.