Monday, March 31, 2008

Missing Remote: cash reward for any info about its whereabouts!

The remote to the TV is missing again and I am afraid to tell Ned. I think I'm safe because he hardly ever reads the blog. I lost it a couple days ago- correction: ONE of us lost it we're not completely sure who, but Ned has his guesses. For some reason I tend to pick things up and just walk around with them. One time we were out at Rob and Lori's and I stuck their remote in my purse on my way out. I found it in there (probably while I was searching for some other long lost item), and we had to go all the way back to Eagle Mountain to return it to them. Anyone else have trouble losing something? Please tell me I'm not alone!

-Also, I just realized I have 3 shoes missing (as I'm heading out the door and looking for something to go on my feet): a pair of brown flip-flops and one pink pump.


Lori said...

You took my remote??? Have you seen a set of keys with a rabbit's foot attached?

Rachel said...

I'm afraid not.. Rob never told you about that?? It was kind of embarassing.

Anonymous said... offense....but maybe you should stop sniffing markers?


Mechelle said...

Look in the refrigerator for the remote. That is we found ours last time. Maybe it runs in the family.

Auntie m

It works just fine after it had a few days to warm up.

Scott & Karin said...

HA! That sounds exactly like my mom! I however, refuse to admit that I do anything of the sort. (Ask Scott about my keys a couple weeks ago).

julie said...

Here is something funny. Pierce (9)could not find his shoes if they were on his feet. While Ross (4) can tell you exactly where he set down his toy that he played with two weeks prior. Both are very smart. Go figure that one!