Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Ned and I decided that we need one last trip as couple before our baby comes. He's working full time, taking 16 credits, and expecting our son this semester, so we took advantage of a quick weekend away. We had SO much fun!
This was not our favorite part:
We went to the Venetian. Don't the ceilings remind you of Alamo Cafe?
The gondola rides:
I posed with the street performers: (look at that huge belly!)
The outside of Treasure Island:
The Forum Shops by Caesar's Palace. What does it say about your level of class when you are too afraid to even go in the stores, because they're way too upscale for you. We were scared we'd touch something and have to spend $10,ooo to buy it. Seriously, the shops were insane!
Our hotel was AWESOME!
It had a full living room, kitchen, dining room,
multiple TVs,
jacuzzi tub in the bedroom, washer and dryer, and tons more! We could have moved in!
My extremely tired, 7 1/2 month preggy body was loving the pool!
We also saw the Wynn:
and we got to see Blue Man Group. It was the best part of the trip; we would go see them again in a heartbeat! Super entertaining and squeaky clean- a perfect show for the whole family!
We lost the baby fund that night:
Just kidding! We're really not into that kind of thing!
The next day we went to the Bellagio and saw the gardens:
I just think this one is funny. Here's Ned now:
...and after a few restless nights with the baby:

It was such a great little getaway from our everyday routine!


doug said...

Hey there! this is emily logged in as Doug.

you're a gorgeous PREGGO mamma. And it looks like you had a blast in Vegas.

p.s. thanks for commenting on Owen's blog. He LOVED it.

Leslie said...

hi rachel,

you won the shabby apple dress on my blog last friday. not sure if you're a regular reader, but i need you to email if you want to claim your prize. thank you!