Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jalapeno Hands

The title sounds scarier than the actual story, if you know our history with jalapenos. Kaylene and Daniel gave us some of their jalapenos from their garden and so last night I made some bacon-wrapped, cream cheese-stuffed jalapenos. It's one of our favorites, and it happens to be really low in carbs, so I was way excited for it. I noticed my hands started to burn a little while I was cutting them, but I just thought, "good, these ones must be really hot." By the time I was done, my hands were red and puffy and screaming hot! I've never had a burn like this. I felt like I they were glued to a searing hot frying pan and I couldn't get them off. Nothing I could do would cool it down. I scrubbed them at least 10 times; I soaked them in milk; I tried citrus juice. It went on for at least 3 hours. Nothing worked until I called up Kaylene, and she found on the internet that some people actually got chemical burns from them. I put on some silvadine cream my mom gave me for burns and that finally did the trick. So I asked my doctor today, and he said it was really strange, but being pregnant probably caused my skin to react so badly. Weird, right? I've cut up jalapenos a thousand times before and never had any problems! (Ned might disagree.)


Poston Kingdom said...'re weird.


Rob and Lori said...

Why would Ned disagree? Is there a story there?