Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Here are our first pictures of our boy:

This is a profile
Another profile
This one shows his legs. It's taken as if you're on the ceiling looking down on him. On the far right is the top of his head, then his arms and hands, then going left, are his legs stretching out and his feet are touching.
This is his footprint.
He wasn't very shy. This shot is from under his bum looking up.
This is my favorite- a big thumbs up!
He kept trying to clasp his hands or clap in this one. It almost looks like he's making a heart with his fingers.
It looks like he's smoking a joint here, but he's actually sucking his thumb.
This one is the face. The tech said she doesn't usually get to do this kind of shot, but he was in such a good position, so she turned on the 3D setting and was able to take this one for us. He has one hand up by his face, and you can see the cord coming accross his chest. No worries- it's not wrapped around his neck!

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