Thursday, June 11, 2009

So I know I've been kind of neglecting this blog lately, but that's mostly because nothing interesting happens to us.

-We wake up.
-I am sick.
-Ned gets me a nausea pill.
-We go to work.
-Ned goes to school.
-We go home and fight about who has to decide what we will have for dinner. (I can never think of anything; all of Ned's suggestions make me nauseous)
-We watch So You Think You Can Dance or Fox News.
-We go to bed.

Boring, I know (except for the SYTYCD part). Tomorrow, though, Ned gets to interview for an awesome internship! It's an HR internship at IHC. Hopefully everything goes well, because this is really the kind of job he wants to get when he graduates. The experience will be great- fingers crossed!


Poston Kingdom said...

Everyone gives me grief for winning Chamberlain Idol, and here Ned is watching "Dancing with the Stars." Seriously? No one else has said anything about this yet? Come on, Dancing....Ned.....Let's call a fruitcake a fruitcake!

Rachel said...

Come on, the SYTYCD is for me and the Fox news is for him. It's called compromise- Seriously, how long have you been married?