Monday, December 1, 2008

Jazz articles

One of Ned's co-workers gave him this article in preparation for the Spurs-Jazz game:

Utah Jazz Hope For A New Tradition in Texas
Break the San Antonio Curse

SALT LAKE CITY (November 21, 2008) -The Jazz are out in San Antonio tonight looking for one of those special games; not only looking for the team to translate their home play into a quality road win, but to win in San Antonio for the first time in 10-years- and this may be the game to do it. The Spurs are dealing with a boatload of injuries just as the Jazz are, the biggest difference however is in the records. The Spurs (5-6) are just 2-4 at home, one of their slowest starts in some time, while the Jazz (8-4) are 2-4 on the road thus far.

Ned returned the favor with this newsworthy tidbit:

Jazz Hope Not to be Embarrassed in Texas

SALT LAKE CITY (November 21, 2008)- The Jazz are once again in San Antonio, hoping to not wet themselves during the game. The game will be considered a success if at least three of the starting five do not run away crying. Last year, Kirilenko stayed strong until the sight of Tim Duncan driving into the lane caused him to soil himself uncontrollably. Andre refused to comment, as him mother sent him to bed because he was cranky.

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