Friday, July 18, 2008

Yellowstone Family Vacation

Last week we went to Yellowstone. It was way fun! (Beware: there are tons of pictures, but I cut it down from around 1,500 to a mere 24.)

Here are a few of the things we saw:

Some of the things we did:

...and the people we were with:

Ned thinks this place would make a wonderful golf course. I wonder how hard that would be to get approved...


Rae Lovell said...

Okay -
A: LOVE the hair - dark brown looks really good on you. It's very different, but I like it!
B: Isn't Yellowstone fun?
C: I love the picture of the animal relieving itself on the road - PRICELESS!
D: Sorry I didn't answer when you called this weekend - I was camping in Oregon (a post will be up in the next few days about it!)
and E: I LOVE YOU!!

Scott & Karin said...

My favorite is the coyote pooping in the road! HA!

Mechelle said...

Cute Photos! So glad you all got to go together. M

Andrea said...

That coyote is great! The rest of the trip looks fun too.