Friday, June 4, 2010

Our first family vacation!

23.5 hours in the car with a teething six month old. Whew!
We went to Washington to visit Jack's Grandma and Grandpa-Great, my aunt and uncle, and Steve and Jessica.  We had so much fun, and Jack got to see something new everyday (which is great for a baby who gets bored so easily!)
First we went to see my Grandparents in Spokane.  We took Jack on lots of walks to go see the horses:
This baby was only about 12 hours old!
We visited the botanical gardens:
and went swimming:
and had a picnic lunch:
We also went to my Auntie Helene and Uncle Tony's for dinner. Jack got to meet his cousin Noah and my cousin Heather:
Then we drove to the east side of Washington to visit Steve and Jessica in Battleground:
We for a hike by the lake:
Everything was SOOO green!
Also, Steve was dying for a mini-makeover, so we obliged. 
Steve when we arrived:
...and Steve when we left:
He actually got called to be the young men's president and decided to trim up for it.
And finally time to go home again.  We always left in the middle of the night so the baby would sleep as much of the trip as possible, and this was our view as we were leaving- the sun rising over the Columbia River!


Poston Kingdom said...

Sorry the weather was so crummy! We loved having you guys visit.

Now to find an HR job around here somewhere....

Rob and Lori said...

It's amazing what a little soap in the shower can do!

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