Saturday, October 11, 2008


It is freaking cold! I guess it's time to turn on the heat when you want to wear your winter coat inside the house and it's forcast to snow in a few hours... Our house is filled with that "1st time you've used the furnace in a long time" smell. On a warmer note, here are some pictures from our quick trip to Zion's Park a couple of weeks ago (temperature: 93 degrees).
Can you see me way down there through the trees?Here we are on the trams that run up and down the canyon.Look how strong I am!You can't really tell from the picture, but this pool was the most amazing shade of green!

Again, you can't really tell, but I have a blister the size of a nickle on my pinky toe. (Please excuse the gross feet!)Ned, stealing the last bite of bumbleberry pie. If you've never had some, do it! It's amazing! I don't even really like pie and I love it.As we left, it started to sprinkle and there was a lovely rainbow.

We had a great time! It was just what we needed to round out the summer before this nasty cold weather hit.


Mechelle said...

This looks like so much fun. I have seen snow on some of the Ut blogs. Looks like you got the trip in just in time. m

Kathi and Ryan said...

That really does look like so much fun. I miss doing things like that sans kids.

Ok, so about the clock. It really doesn't look too hard to make one, just lots of steps. The only place I could find that sold the precut wood rounds was Lowes (HD does not sell them anymore). It was about $8 for a 24" round. I found this great blog about how to do it:

It does really add up with all the paint and ordering the hands (with shipping, it was knocking on $20 just for the hands and clockworks). So, I was all ready to get everything I needed, and then I was at Target this weekend and found a 24" clock clearanced 75% off for $20. SOOOO, I bought the clearnaced one, so I actually won't be making one. I might disassemble the one from Target and repaint it (maybe) if I don't like what it looks like on the wall. So yeah, that's all I know about making clocks.